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  1. Classifieds
    This was my full size spare. Never used. Wheel and tire are brand new and include the TPMS. Wheel: OEM VW 17" Tire: Yokohama 255/65 R 17 Price: $250.00 Location: Northern California, Sacramento Can ship, but prefer delivery/pickup.
  2. Off-Roading & Towing
    Planning to pick up a set of 17" wheels and mount some off road rubber. I don't have any huge ambition to become a hard-core 'wheeler, but I do see some muddy / snowy fire trails in my future (access roads for climbing / mountaineering). Anyhow, I plan to tow as well - so part of my plan was...
  3. Off-Roading & Towing
    Trying to source a set of Rockinger Varioblocks for off road prep. Does anyone know where to buy them or have them shipped to the states? Also looking to source a winch, trailer hitch, and snatch cable D ring that mount to the block. Intend to mount two blocks to the front bull bar, one to the...
  4. Drivers Lounge
    Hello - looking for some tips on good trails to take city kids on a different experience this weekend. Not looking for a rock crawling experience, although I don't doubt that a Touareg with the right equipment could handle. Just looking for decent, 'low-rating' legal trails. I have a 2004 V8...
  5. Road To Swakopmund

    C 14 - Gravel road to Swakopmund - Namibia
  6. On Top Of Fish River Canyon

    Fish River Canyon - Namibia
  7. Lowering Tire Pressure

    Go down to 1.5 Bar - Correlation...
  8. Fish River Canyon

    Touareg standing on Fish River Canyon - Namibia
  9. Car Line Up For Desert Trip

    Lets the fun begin :-)
  10. Time To Relax

    Stading on Flamingo Lodge
  11. Getting Dark

    Bad road still lays ahead and its getting dark... Not funny :-(
  12. Trip To Namibe Desert

    Cars Line Up: Toyota FJ, Touareg V8, Hyundai IX 35
  13. Damaged Tire

    Damaged tire - Time to change :-(
  14. Tire Change

    Damaged tire - Time to change :-(
1-19 of 19 Results