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  1. Gas/Electric/Hybrid/Powertrain | V6, V8, W12, FSI
    I’m new to this forum and a new Touareg owner. Purchased a 2012 Touareg in November 2020 with 159k. Thought I got a good deal, but noticed it was burning oil. It wasn’t smoking or blowing blue, but it went through 1.5L in about 900km. Then one day it filled the street with smoke, sputtered and...
  2. General Maintenance & Repair
    Anyone encountered a dealer mechanic telling you need a new engine for your Touareg? We are having a hard time swallowing the news. Here's the whole long story, would LOVE feedback: Ours has 66k miles, and we have treated it well. Check engine light came on Christmas Eve day (Murphy's Law)...
  3. General Maintenance & Repair
    One is not amused at all. My 2004 V10TDI decided to mix oil and coolant at 80k KM and VW said I needed a new engine. Since I had DPchips from Aussieland on the engine they decided that there could be no guarantee or compensation. I coughed up with 23k€ (28k$) and got my car back 3 months...
1-3 of 3 Results