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  1. Navigation Software and VW dealers

    Drivers Lounge
    What is it with VW dealers that they just simply refuse to update navigation software on my 2012 Touareg, even if you tell them you don't care if it is expensive? They actually tell me to "get a Garmin if you want navigation." Another favorite: "You cant update the navigation on a 2012...
  2. Where is whereis?

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    the navigation CD in my car was out of date so I thought I'd update it. So when I found the whereis web site advertising the map update for my 2004 I bought it. When the CD arrived I stuck it in only to get this message:- I phoned the number and got a very helpful young lady who said somebody...
  3. For Sale: Navigation dics DVD 4B

    I just upgraded my discs and have the older set for sale. I think I have every dics in the package. California, Hawaii, & Nevada Northwest & Southwest North Central South Central Midwest Ohio Valley Southeast Mid Atlantic New England Canada and the case I would like to ask for $50 + shipping...
  4. new with 05 V8

    New Member Introductions
    Hello fellow Touareg owners! We've been drooling and wishing for one since they came out, and finally after 4 months of actual shopping took the plunge on Saturday. Traded away an 02 Lexus RX300, and I couldnt WAIT to walk away from it and drive home in our 2005 V8 (black with teak leather...