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  1. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    If you’re like me, the stock speakers in your T1 are long gone. I set out looking for replacement options only to learn there aren’t any speaker mounting adapters or rings made for these cars for some odd reason. Out of the 15+ VW’s I have owned, this is the first to ever give me trouble about...
  2. Off-Roading & Towing
    Hey everybody, I want to tow my 2000 Jetta tdi around to a few places to get some work done and it's the perfect opportunity to put the touareg in use. We have a 2010 Toaureg TDI, with the factory tow attachment, but we never got the actual hitch/ball. I have seen many forms hitch's at...
  3. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello everybody, I am wondering if anybody installed the headlight bracket previously? I have both of my backets brand new and each bracket at the front has 2 large silver threaded multi-pointed bolts that I believe need to be screwed in a certain distance to adjust the headlight position. Has...
1-3 of 3 Results