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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    Ok so have 2004 V8 .... Just bought secondhand .. Love love love the car but couple of things driving me crazy... Every time I open the car the seats adjust to a position I did not set... I tried resetting the set and button one .. To no avail.. Also the mirrors reset to a weird position .. Read...
  2. Detailing
    We've recently bought a '12 Lux and love it! However, I've noticed that when I wash it, water drips from the side view mirrors for quite a while and if I don't sit there and baby sit it for a while w/ a chamois I'll end up with water spots down my doors. Does anybody else have this issue? Is...
  3. Touareg Exterior Mods
    Can you retrofit the electric foldable side mirrors? And how do you do it? / Thomas
  4. Touareg Exterior Mods
    Recently purchased a 2010 Treg2 V6 TDI Tech + Premium Package. Had to find the car at a dealership a few hours from where I live so the car was delivered. One stipulation I had was that the car had power folding mirrors, and of course the salesman promised car was to my exact specs. Long story...
1-4 of 4 Results