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  1. Mileage on T3?

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    I am trying to understand the mileage you get on your T3s and compare with mine which seems high. Also looking at recommendations to improve it (other than the standard; don't accelerate quickly, check tyres, occupants in car, wheel rotation/balancing etc.) Model: 2011 (MY12) V6 TDI with...
  2. 2004 V8 horrible drop in gas mileage!!! :(

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello! So I've had this 2004 V8 for about a year now, maybe a little less. It used to be that I would get at least 360 miles to a tank if I drove with a lead foot, or up to 430 if I was light on the throttle and spent a lot of time on the freeway. Anyway, I can't seem to break 280 now, even if...
  3. Nav System Estimated Drive Time is wrong

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    This week I've been on my first long trip using the navigation system. It did really well on the routing and was accurate with the distance to destination. But the driving time to the destination was consistently off by 30%. I hit a spot where I was 140 miles from my destination, I was going 70...
  4. How far do you go on a full tank?

    Hi all, have the 2011 TDI Exec since April. Just broke 10,000 KM, so I feel the engine has broken in. I read other threads indicating 800 miles on a tank (1.6 km x 800 miles = 1280 KM). So far, I have maxed out at 700 KM or 430 Miles. Even the website advertises "more than 1100 km"...
  5. Who's done more mileage than me??

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey Guys, Im doing an average 200km a day 5 times a week....i have an R5 2005....clocked about 171,000 in about just less than 4 years.Amazing thing is the only local agent here (where i have serviced the car all awhile) has only changed few wear & tear part every time i service my treg....Oil...