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  1. Exclamation mark on MFI display

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi guys, On my Touareg V6 2009 after my battery went low (~8V), MFI started to display ! sign. When battery was low, I've got number of warnings: air bag, air conditioning is low, brake service. They want away after battery voltage restored to ~14V. right now I see only ! sign, no messages...
  2. MFI not showing correct data

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hope someone can help me? something is wrong with the data displayed in my MFI. 2008 / 3.0 / automatic The following data is not "updated" dynamically. speed Gear selection trip /odometer clock See picture, where the car is actually driving 60km. Obviously the car is not in D1, the speed...
  3. Touareg Instrument Cluster Speaker Fix

    Commercial Posts
    Greetings!! Have the normal instrument cluster warning sounds disappeared from your Touareg? Can you no longer hear the turn signals 'blink' when activated? Can you no longer hear the - Seat belt warning chime Door open warning chime Frost...
  4. MFI shows the Touareg outline icon while driving

    General Maintenance & Repair
    This has happened once while I was merging onto highway. I heard a charm (ding) and for a split second saw the MFI with the Touareg icon (the one that shows when doors are opened) but just the white outline. It disappeared quickly. Shown on the MFI for just 1-2 seconds. I mentioned this to the...
  5. MFI Affected by heat 30+ oC

    General Maintenance & Repair
    The multifunction display on my Touareg 2003 V8 Fades on hot days. It gets worse at the temperatures rise - but given that last summer we had 16 days straight where the temperature did not fall below 35 oC, series of hot days are a reality. The display fades from red to black from the left...