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  1. For Sale: T2 08+ DVD Euro Nav with Video inputs and rear camera $600 OBO

    Bought this set up 2 months ago for my T2 which has been bought back by the dealer. I am working on getting a demo video made so you can see how the Multimedia adapter works. The adapter allows you to have Aux Video/Audio and a rear camera hooked up and automatically swapped. Also included is...
  2. 8 Touareg Nav units, MFD2 brand new OEM factory packaging Cheap!!

    Classifieds Archive
    Hello all, My name is Jack and I have to apologize for making my first post in the classifieds section. I am a VW enthusiast and a certified parts specialist by VW. I have come across a one time deal and have 8 factory fresh brand new Touareg Navigation units for sale. These units are...
  3. New firmware for MFD2

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hello: I was cruising on and saw that CandyVDub has posted new firmware versions for the North American MFD2 models. The comments are that the system is more responsive, some can play music CD's (which they apparently were not able to do before) and they got rid of the "accept"...
  4. FS: MFD2 CD Navi from my late '04 Treg

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    Hi all, I finally had the chance to take some pictures and post my old cd based Navi unit for sale. It is currently posted on Ebay. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks, eBay Motors: Mint OEM VW MFD2 RNS2 Navigation System with Disc's (item 260310019108 end time...