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  1. Windows match perfectly!

    Touareg Exterior Mods
    Last week I had the pre-cut Llumar window tint films installed on the front 2 windows to match the rest of the Treg perfectly; and may I say, I am very impressed! Here are some before and afters. I wish I had taken better pictures without a big reflection of a tree in the windows :o P.S. GO...
  2. For Sale: 2011+ PAP perfect match window tint

    I had originally ordered the tint for an 07 but was mistakenly sent the kit for the 2011+ Perfect-Match Touareg Window Tint Kit - PAP-PARTS The item was $80 shipped plus $43 UPS brokerage fees at the door as I live in Canada. Instead of sending it back, I figured I'd try to sell it here and...