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  1. For Sale: Euroswitch / Nav DVD 7B / Kufatek IMA / Trunk Liner / Running Boards / Sun Screen

    Sadly had to sell my Touareg a little while back :( and have these left for sale: 1) ***SOLD*** Euroswitch - $50 + shipping Like new, purchased from Spockat. 2) **SOLD** Navteq navigation DVD 7B - $140 + shipping 3) Kufatek DVD Player USB, IMA Multimedia Adapter w/OEM Control - Best...
  2. Want to Buy: Gorilla Mat for Rear Cargo Area

    Title says it all: Wanted to buy: Gorilla Mat for Rear Cargo Area Excellent condition only. Bonus points for the securing blocks. Must be local to San Francisco or be willing to ship. Thanks!