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  1. Iphone 6 connection for 2008 V6

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    First post so apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I did search but nothing jumped out as obvious. I've just bought a 2008 V6 and while I wait to pick it up I'm trying to figure out how I'll connect my phone to the stereo for audio playback. Can anyone help? How about bluetooth for making...
  2. 05 Touareg Nav Equipped, Iphone 5 integration

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I own an 05 Touareg, its currently equipped with the factory standard navigation system, and 10 speaker sound system. I want to directly connnect my iphone 5 to the sound system, but all of the iphone integration units for 05 Volkswagens have the connector for ipod 4's and below, not the...
  3. Bluetooth - issues

    Just got myself a 2007 Nov Touareg V10 has "Premium mobile telephone provision" trying to pair iphone 5s but dose not discover have tried other phones and no joy. someone suggested I remove previous phone users but cant see how to delete them. Can anyone tell me how to do this or alternative...
  4. RNS 850 iPhone connection

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I just got a new 2012 model 3.6L Touareg in Malaysia. To my disappointment, the phone integration have been disabled. The RNS 850 radio as well as the steering wheel have phone buttons, but it does not work. The dealer have confirmed its not supposed to work. I also tried to connect an iPhone...
  5. No AUX

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hi There is no AUX connection in my car. (2008) I want to play my iPhone music. I read bad reviews about FM solutions. So I wonder - Is there a way to use BT to play the iPhone music over the car radio? Thanks Ori
  6. For Sale: Dice iPod Integration Kit $70 + Shipping

    I had this on my 2006 Touareg. It still looks new. I have the box but don't have the manual. You just plug this in where the cd changer is supposed to be. Its a very easy install. You just need the radio removal keys plug it in the back of the radio and run the ipod cable in your glove box. This...
  7. Blitzsafe or NEO to replace CD Changer

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I have a 2008 with NAV and Satellite radio with a CD changer in the trunk and I want to order the Blitzsafe or NEO Gateway to connect my Iphone to the radio system. No problem to loose the CD changer, but I want to keep the satellite radio. Does anyone know if you need to install the...
  8. questions about radio,miles,etc- new owner

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi I am proud new owner of a 2008 Touareg V6!! I have a couple questions that I hope someone can help answer: 1- how can I program my present radio stations in the menu? When I scroll the navi on my wheel is does not scroll to the present stations, it does a manual search. 2- is there ANY way...
  9. Did it - now what?

    Drivers Lounge
    Ended up getting me a 05 V6 Touareg today- so far so good :-) but it seems like there are soooo many options with upgrading factory HU. In short, I'm looking for something with Bluetooth - but compatible with the Iphone 3GS, Ipod hookup, NAV -not that worried if its not amazing and don't care...
  10. RNS2 connector to iPhone

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Please help me out! I purchased a TomTom carkit for iPhone which should be able to hear the music of the iPhone over the audiosystem (RNS2/CD, Touareg 2004). However nor my dealer, nor TomTom or other specialists I consulted knows whicht connectioncable I should need. On the end of the carkit...
  11. Install Kenwood DNX8120, backup camera???

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I have been doing a bunch of research and believe that i am going to go with the KW DNX8120 for my '06 V10 TDI; unless someone can convince me otherwise... Main reason is that this unit will work with the iphone for bluetooth, MP3, and video upload, has strong ratings for the GPS and I can have...