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intake manifold

  1. For Sale: T1 parts for sale NEED TO SELL

    I have a few parts for sale, all were purchased for my T1 2004 V8 beast that I had to let go. Ill post pics if needed. H&R springs brand new never used 1 complete set for front and rear. $150 Thule tower pads used for a few months, $30 intake manifold bladders, used but in excellent...
  2. V10 Glow Plugs and Intake Manifold

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Aloha, I am in need of replacing my glow plug harnesses and I am replacing all glow plugs 3 have faults. I am told the intake manifolds need to come off of the V10. So I am curious what items should I address while I have them off? Clean the intake manifolds? Clean the EGR? Anything else I...
  3. Engine light on ? Manifold Runner error

    Australia & New Zealand
    I have posted this for anyone searching the codes or text below to help. 004120 - Intake Manifold Runner (Bank 2): Lower limit not reached P1018 - 001 - Upper (lover) Limit Exceeded 012597 - Intake Manifold Runner Control: Lower Stop not Reached P3135 - 001 - Upper (lover) Limit Exceeded...
  4. For Sale: VW 4.2 V8 Intake Manifold Linkage Arms

    I have 2-sets left and available. Shipping withing the USA included (priority mail) is $50 a set. They are red anodized aluminum and simple to install. Payment via paypal if you are interested. here is a link that describes all details: Audi/VW 4.2 V8 Intake Manifold Linkage Arms - Gruven...
  5. Want to Buy: 4.2L V8 Intake Manifold

    In need of an intake manifold for a 2004 4.2L V8 Touareg. Part number 077133185BR.
  6. What is the official name and part number for this casing?

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hi, I am performing the fix for my seized flap/pivots and broken linkage arms and broken solenoid changeover valve for the intake manifold system. I have found that I need to order 2 new (new to me at least) "intake manifold" casings around the flapper rod as the heat has destroyed them...
  7. 2004 V8 vacuum lines or vacuum pod leak!

    General Maintenance & Repair
    So I replaced the intake manifold actuator arms with Gruven parts thanks to suggestions in my other thread. They work great, but after a week of driving it the actuators are no longer being moved into the correct position at idle. They still move freely, and if I manually move the bottom one...