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ignition coils

  1. For Sale: 2004 Toaureg V8 Engine parts

    I am parting out this 2004 Touareg v8 engine a lot of good useful parts. - Lower and upper oil pans. - Cylinder heads. - Intake manifold - Header - fuel injectors - ignition coils - Brand New Oil Pump Available also Basically anything on the engine. willing to sell the entire engine for a...
  2. Loud engine noise, loss of power

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    My '07 V6 was throwing some engine codes for a while (misfires, ignition coil-related). Today suddenly when driving, the engine started sounding like a large-displacement bike V-Twin with no muffler - very loud raspy noise accompanied by a loss of power. I could barely accelerate to 30 mph and...
  3. coil recall connected catalytic converter damage?

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I have a Touareg 05 V6. During the first week of ownership, the MIL appeared. The dealership told me to bring it right in. They checked it and told me everything was fine. This happened repeatedly during the first few years of ownership, until I just started ignoring the light. VW finally...