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  1. VAG-COM, RNS-850, HD Radio not in stereo

    I have another thread going regarding a problem in (at least) 2012 Touaregs with the RNS-850 nav/radio system and HD Radio. It appears that on multiple RNS-850s, HD Radio plays back only in mono. It will not play any HD Radio stations in stereo once HD locks in. Disable the HD Radio function...
  2. 2012 RNS-850, HD Radio stations all in mono, not stereo

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Just took delivery of a 2012 Lux TDI. I've noticed that all the FM stations broadcasting in digital "HD Radio" seem to be playing in mono on the 850, not stereo. If I go to the Setup, Radio menu and disable (uncheck) HD Radio, the station immediately flips to stereo (in analog). Turn the HD back...