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  1. For Sale: OEM hatch spoiler 7L00716409AX

    Hi there, I've sold my 04 Touareg, and I have a left over hatch spoiler that I never got around to installing for sale! Depending on where you're at; I'll say $300 shipped (I'm in Navarre, FL 32566) I'll snap...
  2. Hatch Wire Assembly Erosion - T1 / T2

    General Maintenance & Repair
    First my apologies if this has already been discussed: I have searched found nothing on this specific issue. I noticed resistance raising my rear hatch on my 2008, to the point where I thought I needed struts. However there was also a subtle sound that was not there on my 2007. I inspected and...
  3. Rear window hatch won´t lock

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi A couple of days ago I opend my window hatch as I often do. But when I closed it, it didn´t lock. When pressing the button I hear a klicking sound under the roof trim: When pressig the hook down so it touches the relay the trunk lights go out and the MFI thinks the window is closed...
  4. Rear hatch won't budge

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Sigh...feel really stupid :!: Hatch was open and pulled the hatch release (thought it was the window release). Closed the hatch, heard the lock engage and now I am stuck as to what to try. MFI shows hatch open but I assure you it is closed and I cannot budge it. Can someone smarter than I am...