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  1. DIY: 2008 Touareg 2 - Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Hands Free Installation

    Touareg DIY and Technical Info
    Hello Everyone, (Please forgive me, I'm only allowed to embed 10 pictures in the description below, please see all pictures at the end of the post... I'll re-post if the administrators are able to allow me more embedded pictures in the text) I've been scanning the forums for a good tutorial on...
  2. parrot v5.11c, which model parrot is it?

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    hiya, picked up my new V6 TDI just before xmas and love the parrot bluetooth kit fitted by dealer. Came with instruction book printed by someone else but with VW logos all over it. When pairing, the unit comes up with "parrot v5.11c". Question is: "what model parrot is this as there is no...