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gps problem

  1. 2012 Treg - RNS 850 shows 0/0 Satellites

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    First post here. I purchased my 2012 Touareg LUX TDI last month and have loved every second of driving it. My issue has been addressed on this forum in part, but I believe I am having something further happening. When I test drove the car I noticed the compass and navigation were way off. I...
  2. Nav unit magnification button

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    My Touareg's nav unit won't change from it's current view, it won't increase or drease the magnification using the right knob. The knob works on other radio/CD functions, but not the nav magnify function. The dealer response is to replace the entire unit. Before i change it out, has anyone else...