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  1. Dealer reprogrammed ignition key

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Dealer charged me $111.25 USD. My spare key would lock the door but would set off the immobilizer if I tried to start my '05 with it. I hadn't used the spare key in years, in fact it took me few days to even find it. I set out to look for it after searching this forum for other matters and read...
  2. Locking beep just stopped??! Help :?

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Ugh, so I hand scrubbed my egg today after being 'bombed' by what I swear was big enough to be an albatross, and after I was finished, I locked my car up using the key fob- and all of a sudden the normal 'beep' when locking was gone. I'm sure washing it had nothing to do with it, but you never...
  3. VW Remote Fob Key Replacement Pad Buttons

    Commercial Posts
    * NEW 3 Button Key Pad for Volkswagen Key Fobs * Fits All Switchblade Flip Keys! Replace your old key pad buttons with these new ones.. 6usd shipped Click Here to Email Me
  4. Keyless Entry and Key Fob Problems

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hi All, Hopefully you can offer some guidance. I've been having some issues with my keyless entry and key fob on my 2005 V8. The big issue is that these problems are intermittent. Sometimes the doors do not unlock when I walk up to the car and pull on the door handle a few times (with key...