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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    Seeking thoughts Planning to change the ATF in car (2013 V6, 180 kw with 200k ,km) and purchased OEM seal, bushes, filter and Filter Oring for $480 (AUD) was looking for something at Repco and came across exact same pack for $95 RYCO brand. I know Ryco stuff are famous and widely used ( at...
  2. Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Question about transfer case fluid Actually this is my first post on this forum. Recently joined here., I have a 2015 Audi Q7 Prestige SLine with 33K Miles on the clock., the other Audi/Q7 forums are not very much active when it comes to technical/mechanical or DIY discussions. However since Q7...
  3. Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hello All. Any suggestions on prophylactic maintenance or system checks after the truck has been sitting in the driveway for a year? [Drive train issues; long story!] The more detail, the better:) Thanks ahead of time:)
1-3 of 3 Results