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  1. 2004 Bolt on Exhaust Tips

    General Maintenance & Repair
    hey there, i always come here to answer most of my questions about my 2004 V6 Touareg. However when researching buying some exhaust tips for the 2004, i came up short. Has anyone used a bolt on dual square or round tip on the 2004, as the existing exhaust tips angle downward and i assume that...
  2. 2008 V8 Exhaust Tip repair

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    The driver side exhaust tip on my 2008 V8 recently started to "sag". Upon closer inspection, it wasn't a "sag"; the exhaust tip is a separate bolt-on component from the muffler. The ring clamp that attaches the tip to the muffler had cracked. Kind of amazed actually. My initial thought was...
  3. Hello! New 2008 V6 Owner Here.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a black 2008 Touareg with 74K miles. It is equipped with the 3.6L VR6, conventional suspension, and 19" alloys. I had been eyeing Touaregs and Cayenne for quite some time before buying this one. I will post pictures when I'm at my PC. Overall, I am very happy...
  4. For Sale: Porsche Cayenne Turbo OEM Exhaust Tips

    I have a pair of porsche cayenne turbo exhaust tips which I bought for $600 to put on my touareg, but I never got to actually put them on and now I sold the touareg. they're used but theres is no damage anywhere on it. It was off a 2005 cayenne turbo. hate to let them go but maybe someone can...
  5. Best exhaust for 2004 v6?

    Touareg Exterior Mods
    Hey guys, I am looking to mod my exhaust on my 2004 v6, and I was wondering what the best way to go about doing it is. Exhaust tips look like the easiest and cheapest solution. I don't want anything crazy loud, just something that will be able to be installed by myself, and would give it a...
  6. New member, need help!

    Touareg Exterior Mods
    Hey guys, I have a 2004 v6 and I am looking to make some mods. I already have some 20" Voxx wheels and roof rack and now it is on to more things. I am looking to buy some exhaust tips for a deeper, throaty v8 sound, I have some carbon fiber on the way to replace the wood on the interior, and I...
  7. New VW owner, New Touareg Owner - Tacoma, WA

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey what's up guys, as title says first VW owner and first Touareg owner. I've had this baby for 3 days now and I love it! Already looking to mod it though :-). Near Future mods include: 18-20" Wheels (Porsche, Q7, or something aftermarket) Navigation (stock or aftermarket) V8 oval or V10...
  8. Polishing Exhaust Tips

    Touareg DIY and Technical Info
    I didn't find anything in a search of the DIY forum so I thought I'd add this for anyone who wants so clean up the look of the rear tips. Simply washing them does not remove the road grime, oxidation and exhaust residue which builds up over time. Only metal polish can really clean it thoroughly...