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engine removal
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  1. Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    I have a 2006 V10 with 152,000. I absolutely love driving this car. It reminds me of owning my first car (1971 Camaro) only much more torque. Oil leak sprung up a couple of weeks after buying in January and I'm preparing to drop the motor to locate and fix the leak. The leak is considerable, 3-4...
  2. Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    I have recently acquired a 07 touareg with the v6. The timing chain needs to be replaced and I was wondering what replacement kit you guys recommend. I am also wondering what else I should replace while the engine is removed. (Already changing the intake gaskets) Thanks for the advice
  3. Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hi all. Looking at pulling the motor out of a 2004 4.2 but I've been side tracked by a couple of forums that say - "it has to come out of the bottom" Is this true? That would mean front clip off as well I assume. Many thanks for any tips anyone has. Regards JP
  4. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello All, Have been on the hunt for a V10tdi, however I read a lot about them and got scared a bit to be honest. I have read that for most of the time you need to take out the engine.... is this true? can someone list me what needs to go wrong to take out the engine? turbos? pumps? starter...
  5. Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hi all, I tried to find and answer through the search results but since my question is a bit specific I would like to ask anyway to make sure: I have a 2005 V10 with 136.000 km, one of the turbo's was replaced by the previous owner at 86.000 km (almost 5 years ago) so it has a bit over 50.000...
  6. General Maintenance & Repair
    The repair books say I have to remove the engine from my 2005 3.2 VR6 Touareg to replace the camshafts. It also says the engine and transmission are removed in one piece, out the bottom of the car. I don't have a lift so that is not an option. Does anyone know if I can pull just the motor out...
1-6 of 6 Results