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  1. In-dash multimedia system UAE

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hi, Could any1 suggest either a VW or 3rd party in-dash multimedia system that would suit my Touareg 2005 ? Something with bluetooth connectivity and that can play videos. Is it possible to fit in the current Touareg's multimedia system in a 2005 model ?:-k Where can I find a suitable 3rd...
  2. For Sale: Touareg 2011 UAE

    - The car is Special Order, it has the Basic model plus GPS Navigation & 4 Cameras (360 degree view) & DVD player in main dashboard only - Brand new Michellan tyres bough Oct 2013 - Warrenty valid till 2014 with Naboodah - Made all maintenance in Nabooda service center, last one made is the...
  3. Dubaieurope


    An Iranian mechanic studying German engineering... and figured it out, with lots of help of Bentley manual translated by Google translate.
  4. Dubaieurope


  5. Dubaieurope


    Portabello Road
  6. Dubaieurope


    Does this monument need an intro?
  7. Dubaieurope


    Cappadocia, Turkey
  8. Dubaieurope


    Mont-Blanc in the background
  9. Dubaieurope


    Turkey: we get a used 255R45 20 in a shady town after a blow out!
  10. Dubaieurope


    Near Shiraz in Iran
  11. Dubai to France: Taking my Touareg back

    New Member Introductions
    After 6 years in Dubai, I am planning to drive my 2006 V8 back to France, my home country. I will be going through Iran, Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Italy. I am badly looking for advice on how I should prepare my awesome Treg for the 6,000km+ trip. I don't plan to go through very rough terrain...
  12. Service Center in UAE

    I got a touareg few days ago and i am looking for a service center to have a look at it and see what changes that need to be done, can anyone recommend a center besides AlNaboodah?
  13. HELP!! calling Treg owners in UAE (Abu Dhabi/Dubai)

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2005 touareg V6 that I purchased 6 months back. It is now due for its 120k km service. I know from the forum the VW dealers in Abu Dhabi(ali & sons) and Dubai (Naboodah) are rip offs. It will cost me at least AEd 2000 to get the basic service done + additional for parts. The bill could...
  14. Temporary loss of power V6 2005, 82k

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi all, I went today on a trip doing 120 km motorband at 130 kph then climbing on a mountain for 11km at 25-35 % angle coming down on the same road on the mountain (normal street not tarmac) and back to Dubai, another 120 km at 130 kph. The strange thing occured on the mountain at km 8 when my...
  15. looking for a proper workshop in Dubai

    Hi, i'm new here and actually joined to explore the Dubai market a little, especially in terms of guidance for a good workshop, where to get spareparts cheaper, tips for offroad (last weekend first time :) ) etc. i went last week to the workshop since i knew i need to have a couple of things...
  16. In Dubai

    In Dubai

    Arabian Ranches, Dubai