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  1. Vagcom not talking to me!!

    Hi guys, i have had a chocker of a run with my 2005 V10 Tregg! had to change lower control arms as bushings were done, realized the bearings were gone, same with the upper arms. they took 3 weeks to arrive to Vanuatu (sucked in)then i took 3 weeks to install as i was too busy!:writers_block...
  2. Clunking noise when towing 3000kgs

    Off-Roading & Towing
    Hi, I've got a 2006 V8 Touareg, which I've just fitted a 3500kg hayman reece towbar with RedArc electric brake controller to tow a 3000kg boat. Only on take-off from the traffic lights when towing, I hear a single clunk from what appears to be around the centre diff. The car's in full auto...
  3. Whine from diff or similar

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Not being mechanically minded I hope I can illustrate my issue clearly without sounding really stoopid! When I accelerate, a deep whine from below the vehicle increases. When I am not accelerating, the sound isn't evident. It isn't from the engine and sounds like is from the bottom of vehicle...
  4. V8 Transfer Case OR Front Diff

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Having a major problem and would appreciate any suggestions. New Zealand new 2003 V8 100,000km. Had a front grinding noise develop, not loud but noticable around 40-55km/h upwards. Took it to local dealer thinking it was new brake callipers they had fitted but no. They put the microphones on it...