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  1. Reliability Update on 2013 Touareg TDI with 130k miles and 4 years of ownership.

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    Hello Toureg Club! As we all enjoy our beautiful cars, not all of us have it past 100k miles mark. I was the lucky one to take a risk and buy the highest milage Touareg I could find back in 2016 that was for sale in a 250-mile radius from New York City where I live. And I found this example...
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    Hey guys, happy good Friday!!. I have been stalking these fourms for the last few months learning more and more about VW tregg. I am looking to buy a new car in about a month and I have just kept coming back to a 2004-2005 touareg. Heres the deal. I know they cost good $$ to maintain and ive...