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  1. Can i use VAG-Com to disable door sensor

    Wonder if someone can help me. I have a passenger door sensor that remains open - when door is closed. This actually has a big impact - 1. one that annoying chime as it thinks the door is open 2. When car is off and parked, the internal and trim lights remain on. 3. Alarm engagement - as it...
  2. HELP PLEASE! Anyone knows how to turn off the seatbelt chime for 2011 Touareg???

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I have done a lot of research and everyone's saying you need to either take it to the dealer or buy some wires and software to do it. By brother has an Infiniti G37 and he had to do some stuff with his lights, ignition, and stuff and it was off.... Please if anyone knows how to turn that...
  3. Help With Door Latch and Chiming

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi, Just got my 2007 Touareg V6 back from the shop. First problem was with the door latch. My interior light was not coming on when I opened the door. Second problem was Headlight Range Control. I've read quite a bit about this and after almost 2 weeks in the garage it seems to be fixed. They...