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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    Bought my second Treg back in late February, decided to buy a certified '15 TDI LUX. Love the car, massive improvement from my 08 v6, still loved that car. Came from my '15 Lexus GS350 Fsport AWD, miss it every single day, sadly the car just wasn't big enough for work and fun. Lexus service...
  2. General Maintenance & Repair
    I realized that my rotors are way beyond their wear limit and I haven't completed my first month with the Treg since the purchase. There must be a 3mm lip on each side of the rotor and the pads look 95% new. I don't have my calipers available to me. I can't get an exact measurement. I am a bit...
1-2 of 2 Results