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  1. Flex pipe recommendation for 2010 TDI

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    I know there have been a lot of threads about flex pipes and repairs,... I am just wondering what the correct size flex pipe is, and what a quality option is (Front left). Currently looking for a welder who feels comfortable doing the work. Also, If I can't find anyone to do the job, what would...
  2. Veteran tdi- seeks touareg 2011vs 2013 cat delete?

    Touareg Reviews
    I've owned a passat(2014 dieselgate) and 2 tdi Jettas (mk4 &5) I wanted to buy a touareg. what is the difference between 2011/12. Vs 13 ? Are the hpfp the same issue for all years? This is for "offroad use" I was going to delete egr and conjunction with a malone tune.(STAGE 1) Any...
  3. The Job's Not Over Until The Kitty Purrrs!!!

    The Job's Not Over Until The Kitty Purrrs!!!

    This is not the friend who machined the Dead Pedal, but is one who keeps me company any time, I'm working on the Treg.
  4. Need advice on V8 Cat Replacements

    Gas/Electric/Hybrid/Powertrain | V6, V8, W12, FSI
    Starting to get "below efficiency threshold" catalytic converter errors on my 2004 V8. I've searched and searched for ideas other than OE parts but can't find much. Help! Joe
  5. 2005 V6 Cat Converter Replacement - Do not go to Fletcher Jones in Chicago

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Sorry for the length here, but need to do a little venting.... Check engine light came on a week or so ago; I was at my 95K service/overpriced-oil-change time so I took it local in downtown Chicago hoping to get in and out knowing I would end up paying for it. (Fletcher Jones) They said they...
  6. For Sale: T1 V8 secondary cat bypass/test pipes-used

    I picked these up used through vwfans on the forum for $250, which was $275 shipped from WA to PA, with only gaskets. I'm including hardware also for install, looking to get $275 shipped only in the lower 48...depending on location. PM me with your zip and I can get a more approximate cost for...