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  1. For Sale: 22" O.Z. Canyon ST Wheels

    I recently sold my 05 Cayenne S and I'm selling a set of 22" O.Z. Canyon ST wheels. The wheels are 22x10 ET52 with a 5x130 bolt pattern (no TPMS). There are a few minor scuffs which are difficult to notice. I'll post pics of the areas. One tire is in need of replacement so I'm not including...
  2. Swap: WTT 19" Wheels

    Looking for someone in the Washington state area to trade wheels with. I have factory 19" wheels with TPS. Looking to trade them for standard 17" Canyon wheels. Tire condition not that important as I am trading wheels with very worn tires. [email protected]
  3. For Sale: 04-07 17" Canyon's with TPMS $500 + shipping

    Hello, So... I got a little excited about my new 08 Treg and bought some Canyons for winter use. After a little research on ClubTouareg, I determined the TMPS sensors do not work for my 08. Apparently they work for 04-07, then the 08 and newer are a different TMPS. Just looking to get my...
  4. For Sale: 17" Canyon wheels from '04 Touareg

    Hi guys, I recently replaced these with some 19's that were bought here on the board, and now I'm out of garage space. The tires of the wheels are really throw away's but you could probably sneak another season out of them if you really needed to. There is no curbage and in general the...