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  1. Off-Roading & Towing
    Hey yall, I am new here and new to my 2012 TDI. So far this car has surpassed my expectations, been a great cruiser and a great off roader. I even pulled a 5000lb UHaul 600 miles at 22mpg avg. I bought the Touareg over a pickup because I needed something that could 600 or more miles on one tank...
  2. Classifieds
    PARTING OUT 2005 Touareg VR6 - 17z Calipers, Front End, R32 Head, Great Interior Location: Harrisburg, PA (Can deliver to MD or Ship Anywhere USA) 2005 Touareg, Reed Green, Grey Leather Interior Parts are PRICED TO SELL!! - MAKE OFFERS!! $500 - Front Bumper $200 - Front Fenders (Each) $225...
  3. General Maintenance & Repair
    I am finding it strange that I have 3 cracked and difficult to replace plastic parts on my 2014 with 2500 miles on it. First there was a branch hitting passenger mirror.(OK, I hit branch) that cracked cover. The lower section of mirror frame is not available for purchase (comes with the motor...
  4. General Maintenance & Repair
    I need to replace my passenger side front quarter panel / fender. I can't seem to find a DIY anywhere, although common sense says to remove the bumper, fender liner and the bolts under the hood, I'm just a little unsure about the ones behind the door. Has anyone done this / have any experience...
  5. Classifieds
    Hey everybody, if anybody has an old rear bumper chrome sill that they are willing to part with, please let me know! thank you :-)
  6. Classifieds
    So my dad ran the car into a tree and I need to replace the grille and chrome part of it. If anyone has them, please let me know! E-mail me @ [email protected] with the price+shipping! Thanks!
  7. Classifieds
    I've got a USED 2008 Touareg 2 rear bumper for sale. Don't what other model it fits but if you know it fits yours then it's yours. There are scratches and one of the reflectors is gone the other needs to be replaced. And the other thing I can't even describe so look at the pics and if you want...
  8. Classifieds
    I have a bumper/impact bar for sale. It is the bar that is on all Touaregs without a hitch. As I have installed an aftermarket hitch, I have this lovely piece of metal left. If you want to do the opposite and uninstall your factory hitch, you would need this piece to protect your a**. :p If...
  9. Classifieds
    VW TOUAREG REAR BUMPER REINFORCEMENT IMPACT BAR Came off my 2005 V-6 (I have installed aftermarket receiver hitch instead). Please send me e-mail or your phone number. Part can be picked up in Redwood City, CA
  10. Classifieds Archive
    I'm selling the rear Impact Bar, and Energy Absorber (see below diagram), along with the necessary nuts & bolts, for vehicles NOT equipped with a factory trailer hitch. These parts are in Excellent (like new) condition, they were removed from a 2004 V8 in order to retrofit the OEM trailer...
  11. Classifieds Archive
    I may not have the name right so i have attached a picture, i need my front bumper to look like the picture, i have the fender flares to go along the body but can't seem to find the additions to the bumper, although i have seen a lot of pictures like this Can someone help either with an...
  12. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi, I am wondering whether i can replace the bumper from a pre-face lifted Toureg (pre 07) with the face lifted model? I can see the front guards would also need to be replaced, but are the attachment points for these and bumper the same on both models? Thanks Damon
1-12 of 12 Results