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  1. For Sale: Stabilizer Sway Bars - Porsche Cayenne S - GREEN DOT - $400 + shipping

    coveted Porsche Cayenne S Green Dot front AND rear sway stabilizer bars (including bushings). $400 + shipping If you want your 2011-2016 Touareg/Q7 to handle like a Porsche Cayenne, these bars are your best bet!!! Porsche Part# 958-333-701-01 (rear) Porsche Part# 955-343-701-70 (front)...
  2. Want to Buy: 2004-2007 rear stabilizer bar (sway bar)

    My sway bar broke at the left bushing, I need a new one. Details, steel spring only, part number: 7P0511025G, from factory the part number was 7P0511025B but it was revised to a "G" Suffix I'm located in Minnesota USA Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  3. For Sale: Bumper/impact bar

    I have a bumper/impact bar for sale. It is the bar that is on all Touaregs without a hitch. As I have installed an aftermarket hitch, I have this lovely piece of metal left. If you want to do the opposite and uninstall your factory hitch, you would need this piece to protect your a**. :p If...