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  1. For Sale: 18x8 ATX Artillery + Mickey Thompson Baja STZ

    Hey guys! I have a set (4) of 18x8 ATX Artillery black teflon coated wheels, with Mickey Thompson Baja STZ tires (265/60 r eighteen) for sale. These rims/Tires are sweet! They i only put about 2K miles on them and took them off. I have decided to sell them, as i could use the extra cash...
  2. New Duratracs in sand *VIDEO*

    Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Hello everyone new to the forum. Just got some 275 65 18 Goodyear duratracs thought i post some vids on their performance. Just so everyone knows they do rub a little I had to tuck the front fender liner in behind the bumper cover to stop them from rubbing at full turn. I also added a 1/4"...