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  1. Backup Cam Upgrade?

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Anybody ever tried or looked into upgrading their backup camera? I have a 2015 TDi and the camera is definitely less than impressive. I thought maybe I could get one from a wrecked Q5/7 or Cayenne and just swap it out. I would assume the wiring harness is probably the same, just a nicer camera...
  2. Intermittent Backup Cam Operation

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Good Day. Lately approximately 10% of the time I shift in to reverse my backup cam neglects to display on the illustrious RNS-510. The reverse lights do activate and the MDI displays an R. I've ran a scan and there is an error for the camera, but it's a calibration fault for distance. I've...
  3. T3 Rear Camera retrofit installation

    Touareg DIY and Technical Info
    Hi There, Just spent 9 hours putting in the OEM backup camera kit from OEMplus / Kufatec. Its works well but there were a couple things not in the instructions that wasted a few hours that I thought I'd pass on. If you have the factory tow package then the instructions say you can tap into the...
  4. Philips exterior miniature bulbs kit at a great price

    Commercial Posts
    I have decided to offer a kit of the twelve exterior miniature bulbs at an ensemble price. These are the Philips brand bulbs which I offer for the halogen and HID headlights as well. For the inclusive price of $33, I include the two front amber parking lights, the four amber F/R directional...
  5. Cheap(er) lamps found in WA!

    General Maintenance & Repair
    For those of you who do mind paying $14.00+ for a single B/U (H21W) lamp, I have found a local parts house who has them for almost half the price of my local Stealer. even with shipping you may save a few bucks on a pair. Honestly, even if it was a wash I would stillorder them just to keep the $...