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backup camera

  1. Want to Buy: 09/10 TDI w/ Executive, gray over black.

    Looking for a fairly loaded example, gray over black with nav, backup cam / sensors, leather - the whole shebang. Air suspension would be nice, but not required. Anyone considering selling? If so, hit me up!
  2. Just scanned new car - 1 fault found

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi all, just upgraded my trusty 2004 v8 which served me well for nearly 6 years to a 2011 v6 gasser. Gonna miss the v8 but loving the new T3 Just ran a full vcds scan and pretty happy that it came out all clear with only one fault on the back-up camera. Camera seems to be working ok but is...
  3. Backup Camera Calibration

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I have just completed my backup camera installation on my 2005 and I am having trouble calibrating my system. I am following the instructions on the Ross-Tech page but my settings are being ignored. Any suggestions? Also, those of you out there that have your system calibrated by the...
  4. Install Kenwood DNX8120, backup camera???

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I have been doing a bunch of research and believe that i am going to go with the KW DNX8120 for my '06 V10 TDI; unless someone can convince me otherwise... Main reason is that this unit will work with the iphone for bluetooth, MP3, and video upload, has strong ratings for the GPS and I can have...