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auxiliary heater

  1. Aux. heater complete meas. block info for VCDS.

    Here are all the measure block info for the aux heater in a 3.2 V6 2004. Block 001 1 - Vehicle voltage 2 - Coolant temperature (calculated) 3 - Aux Heater Coolant Temp Sensor - G241 4 - Coolant Temp Block 003 1 - Combustion Air Blower 2 - Glow Plug (with flame monitoring) - Q8 3 - Metering...
  2. Webasto auxiliary heater

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hi All, Had my Touareg for 4 months now and love it, but I need some advice. On stopping to a standstill on occasions plumes of white smoke have billowed from under the passenger side of my UK V6 . After some research I believe it may be the Webasto auxiliary heater. What I would like to know...
  3. V10 TDI: Parking Heater Mod With Remote Control

    Touareg DIY and Technical Info
    This DIY document provides instructions on how to convert the Aux. Heater found in US V10 Touareg models to a parking heater and allow for cabin and coolant heating while engine is not running. Includes instructions on installing the remote control module Telestart T91 as well as replacing the...