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  1. New member in Brisbane

    New Member Introductions
    Hi. Pleased to find this community. I live in Brisbane, Australia and have a 2013 V6 TDI 4XMOTION with air suspension. Seriously the perfect car for our one car family living in a super urban part of Brissie (the Gabba) but getting out for adventures every few weeks. We've had the Treg for a bit...
  2. Want to own a golf course or know someone that does?

    Off-Topic Forum
    If anyone knows of someone interested in owning a golf course in Australia in the subtropical state of Queensland and wants to earn $10k (AUD) for themselves and $10k (AUD) for their Australian charity have a look at this website. This is not a gimmick, my wife and I own the golf course and feel...
  3. For Sale: VW Toureg V10 2008

    $64,900 (AU) Priced for a quick sale. Located in Brisbane, QLD. Australia. Vehicle in IMMACULATE condition. Only one owner - non-smoker, no pets. Always kept in undercover garage, day and night. Always serviced on time and kept clean. Registration not due until 15th December, 2011. Endless...