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  1. T2 2010 Touareg V6 TDI Excessive Vibration at all engine speeds

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello, I have this strange issue with my Touareg that I've been battling since I've owned it. When the A/C compressor is on, there is an excessive vibration that can be felt at any RPM and wheel speed. The vibration remains the same and is quite frustrating on longer road trips because it can...
  2. AC compressor spat its dummy

    Australia & New Zealand
    Hi, Whilst driving home today i heard a bang and something came off under the bonnet and disappeared off into the bush. Immediately my AC stopped working. I had a look around but could not see the part. When i have got home i have used VCDS and it says all is well with my AC. When i look down...
  3. Air con temperature issues

    Hi All, my first post having just bought my first (used - 2009) Touareg. Great car, but one very annoying issue - the aircon down the left hand side (passenger - UK) always blows cold on Auto setting.Its a dual climate control version. If I crank it up on the passenger side to HI then it...
  4. Air Conditioning Refrigerant Hose Leak

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I finally charged my A/C for the first time on the Touareg only to discover an audible leak near the driver front wheel. Put her in Xtra high jack mode and took off the wheel well cover to see where the refrigerant was leaking from. Found the part on jim ellis vw parts schematic and ordered it...
  5. Heat vs Touareg (and Touareg secret)

    Drivers Lounge
    Hi All, Thought I'd share a quick story about Cleveland's high heat today and it's effects on my Touareg. I was on a local highway and the "flat tire!" warning sign came on. I pulled over and jumped out and noticed my right rear tire was low on air, but not quite flat. I hadn't felt any rumbling...
  6. AC pipe replaced but still no AC

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Had a leak in my 06 R5 2.5 TDI air con system. Had the pipe changed from the condenser, had it re-gassed and system checked for pressure and all is good. But still no air con. Condenser is fine and system holds pressure. Took it to a vw specialist in norton canines near Cannock uk to be told its...
  7. AC fan disengaging?

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Have an '04 V8 that I bought new, and AC has worked fine from purchase. After 158k mile, have an odd AC problem. With temp on both (dual) controls set to 68f, AC works fine at startup. When I slow or break for first time, AC fan starts low grade buzz, and lowers it's fan output. Within 2-3...
  8. A/C Blower motor

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I just replaced mine with a new one after the old one stopped working. (I lubricated it a few times and it only prolonged the inevitable.) My problem now is that when I start the car, the fan seems to blow at full speed when I put it in auto. However, after about a minute or two, it seems to...
  9. '04 Touareg A/C

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I have an '04 Touareg V8 and I travel between Dallas and Houston regularly. After about 250 miles, the a/c stops blowing air (or blows very, very little almost not detectable), not cold either. After parking for a while, maybe an hour, its back again. I think I recall reading somewhere about...