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  1. Broken Camshaft?

    Gas/Electric/Hybrid/Powertrain | V6, V8, W12, FSI
    Hmmm, Yesterday (2/23/2016) my 2006 V8 with 87,7xx miles on the clock was on the way to the dealer for 90,000 check up. After a brief stop, it started making a clicking sound when i started it. The engine had a really rough idle at a red light and the check engine light started blinking. As the...
  2. For Sale: 2006 V8 Touareg - Air Susp/ Lockers

    Have had this car for almost 3 years and been very happy with it. Most fun/ satisfying car I've ever owned. But, it's not the right car for me anymore. I got it with an eye on a dual role of shuttling clients to lunches, but also for the occasional weekend trip camping with the family. But...
  3. Timing belt kits compared (V8)

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Does anyone have a feel for relative merits of the different kits currently available? Given that all seem to have common components, (inc waterpump), any comments as to quality, durability. I've seen Gates kits (NAPA) for as little as $300, Conti kits for about $600, VW oem at about $800. I'm...
  4. Snow chains for Touareg

    Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Hi guys, could do with some advice. I have an 04 V8 Touareg and live in Washington, I only moved here recently from a more temparate climate, so snow chains are new to me. I have a couple of questions: Do I need to two chains or four, for all wheels? Do people have any recommendations for...