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  1. VW Selling Unsold 2016 Touareg 3.0L TDI again

    Drivers Lounge
    I heard on Monday evening from my Dealer in MN that VW released the dealers to sell the unsold TDI inventory. The problem is that the Emissions Modification hardware is going to existing customer vehicles before the dealer stock. From the investigations I did it seems that they are selling 13...
  2. Urgent .. Need some Statistic TDI

    Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    Hello You all.. Unfortunately my Touareg is intensive care now. The compression of the engine is outside the range. I'm going to a meeting to discus all possibilities with the dealer. I live in the Dominican Republic and the diesel here is pretty bad creating problems on most TDI engines...
  3. New 3.0L TDI in 2012

    Drivers Lounge
    I have just read the Porsche announcement of the 2012 Cayenne Diesel. Vehicle weight has been reduced to 4584 lbs and fuel economy increase to 32.7 US mpg. I am wondering if any of these improvements will trickle over to the 2012 Touareg? You can read the article at the web link below...