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  1. Dog Guard and Divider Query

    Drivers Lounge
    Hi, I have a 2009 Touareg fitted with a Travall Dog Guard (part no: TDG1197) I really want to get a boot divider as well. Travall say they did not make a divider for this model. Does anyone know of a different option? Your thoughts gratefully received. :) Stephen
  2. Another Touareg V6 TDI

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello I'm new to the forum, from Woodstock CT I traded an 06 Jetta TDI for an 09 Touareg on 9/1, the truck is loaded and I'm getting used to all that luxury. we needed a bigger diesel vehicle so the jetta was traded. I'd reneged on this purchase after finding out some bs spewed by the...