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  1. Classifieds
    2008 Touareg V8 Campanella White with Sienna interior 75,300 miles 2nd owner (purchased CPO in 2011 with 18k miles) Last 5 vin: 22379 Lux Plus Package Technology Package Trailer Hitch Asking $9,000 It has been a great vehicle, but a third kid on the way is making me move to something a bit...
  2. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Hi All I have a UK spec 2008 V10 TDi fitted with standard 275/40 tyres on 20" alloys. I want to increase the sidewall for comfort and looks. Has anyone got experience of what can be fitted to these and clear the knuckle and brakes? I thought about 275/50s but there isn't much clearance between...
  3. General Maintenance & Repair
    Can anyone help me locate the VVT solenoid on my 2008 V6 please? I need to check to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Any diagrams or photos will help. Thank you.
  4. Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hi guys I’m new to this forum and just bought my first Touareg and I can say Iam so in love with this vehicle. I purchased it with 180,000 kms, but with 0 issues and service records up to date taken care of by someone who was mechanically inclined and took care of it. So I had been driving it...
  5. Classifieds
    Forum members price $3k Engine not running everything else functions Found water in the oil pan so yeh it would suit parts or rebuild just dont have space to part it out
  6. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi all, I have been looking around to replace my bad amplifier for my 2008, V8 with navigation. I would not mind buying from Crutchfield/non OEM as the price for OEM is crazy. Does anybody have a plug and play solution you can provide? I saw an old post that recommended a Blaupunkt amplifier...
  7. Classifieds
    Wheels taken off a 2008 Touareg V8. Wheels have some minor curb rash but are otherwise in great condition. Asking $350.00 . Located in Littleton Colorado 80130. Will ship - buyer to pay additional shipping charge. Contact Jeff 303-884-5506
  8. VAG-COM
    Hi guys, I'm in Brazil and I've scanned my 08 Touareg V8 and here the Engine Scan.. I would like some info about P0016 P0017 P0018 P0019 errors. Thanks for your help ---------------------------------- Tuesday,01,September,2015,22:00:43:62939 Chassis Type: 7L (6N0) Scan: 01 02 03 05 06 08...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! Been a while since I've been on vBulletin forum like this, used to frequent years ago back when it was still around. Excited to be a part of the community. A little about me: My name is Ethan, 24 years old, originally from the SF Bay Area but now living down in...
  10. Gas/Electric/Hybrid/Powertrain | V6, V8, W12, FSI
    Hi everyone, i need some help with part number for my fuel pumps that i need to replace. i received many different answers so i am confused. i have a VW touareg 2008 model. (7L60E3 Touareg V6FSI) 3600 cc. i was told that the right fuel pump part number is 7L8919087B , what is the left fuel...
  11. General Maintenance & Repair
    hi there what is the part number of the left fuel pump compatible with 7L8919087B ? i have 2008 touareg. whenever i check online i cannot find the left fuel pump part number. its always right one thanx. anand
  12. Classifieds
    Hello all, I am looking for a 2008 - 2010 Touareg with 4 corner air suspension, preferably under 60k miles. If you have one and you need to sell it, please respond to this thread. I live in eastern Idaho. Thanks Addi
  13. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I had a base 2008 V8 and swapped the standard audio system for a Kenwood in-dash Nav unit that also had Bluetooth, Sirius, etc etc. I just traded that Treg for another 2008, this one has Luxury Pkg 2 and Technology Pkg, I like the Nav much better but no Bluetooth. The salesman didn't know...
  14. Classifieds
    Parting ways with my 2008 V6 Touareg. Just rolled over 70k miles. I am the second owner. Bought it late 2010 with almost 40k miles. 30,000 miles in three years, not bad! Just had its 70k service done. Brakes replaced. Tires still good for about a year. Runs solid. Near perfect exterior/interior...
  15. General Maintenance & Repair
    New to this site and need some help. I have a 2008 3.6 with 60k miles. I've had the car since new and love it. Never had any issues until now. When I put the car in reverse everything is normal until I take my foot off the brakes then press the brakes again. There is a clunk/thump from under...
  16. Classifieds
    I'm looking for a 2008 Touareg front license mount 7L6 807 278S. Dealer wants $75.00 Will pay $40.00 including shipping USPS to Canada L8J 2S9. Thanks
  17. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I'm hoping you all can help. I bought my 2008 Touareg with an ipod adapter installed in the glove box. It worked through the SAT and then the ipod functioned as usual. It worked for 5 years this way until recently I got the message something like No Sat Found. So I took it to the local...
1-18 of 31 Results