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  2. My touareg is from 2008. i cant tell if it has an alarm system.

    General Maintenance & Repair
    So i have a 2008 touareg and wanted to know if my suv had it disabled or if it did not have one at all. My sister's door doesn't lock with the others so I have to lock it with the key (rear right door) and a friend told me to lock all doors apert from my sister's and open it but 4 red lights on...
  3. 2008 Touareg Radio question

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Can someone tell me what original stereo came with the 2008 V6 2.6L Touareg 2? I just bought this car used and someone replaced the stereo with a complicated Kenwood stereo which makes certain other instruments in the car not work so I want to replace it with the actual one it came with. I'm...
  4. For Sale: 2008 V10 TDI Touareg 2 $18,500 obo

    I must sell one of our vehicles to pay for tuition here in central Oregon. My T2 has 135,000miles. Never offroaded. Never crashed. Never stuck. Spent a year in Whitefish Montana, now in central Oregon. Purchased from Denver Colorado. Excellent condition, well kept and cared for. Amsoil only...
  5. Want to Buy: Looking for 2008 Touareg 2 front grille+ chrome

    So my dad ran the car into a tree and I need to replace the grille and chrome part of it. If anyone has them, please let me know! E-mail me @ [email protected] with the price+shipping! Thanks!
  6. Traction Control Light won't turn off after lowering

    General Maintenance & Repair
    My dad just recently put some Eibach Sport Springs on his Touareg along with 20 inch Audi Rims, now that everythings final, the traction control light won't turn off, any ideas of what is wrong, or how to fix it? Here are some pics: