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  1. "New" Touareg and a hopefully easy question.

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi Guys, I am new to Touaregs, but not VW's, I started with a Jetta, now Ive got a 00 Passat, and to my surprise, my Girlfriend decided to pickup an 07 Touareg today. we didnt get an owners manual with it, honestly why does everyone throw those away. but i digress. so now to the issue...
  2. Want to Buy: 2007 V10 owners / shoppers - HELP!! - what's it worth!?!?!

    Hello Fellow V10 Owners; I'm not sure where to post on, so please, re-direct me if I'm wrong. I'm very open to information / direction / suggestions! Until last week, I had a beautiful 2007 T'reg V10, black on black, on black. And, I destroyed it in my first car crash in my...
  3. For Sale: 2007 V10 TDI Black/Teak Pkg 1/Nav/Tow

    We are selling our 2007 V10 TDI. We have sadly outgrown it and are currently looking at the (ugh) vehicles with a 3rd row seat. It has never been smoked in. It is my daily driver, so it exhibits minor light wear and tear. It is in original stock condition and other than adding DVD and mats, has...
  4. Loved my Tregg's but history is repeating itself on reliability

    Australia & New Zealand
    Hi All, Just putting a few (or many) words together about my experience with my current 2007 v10 tdi. Just to give you a bit off history I lived in the USA between 2007 and 2008 where I owned a 2004 V8 touareg with all the options available. I loved it, however after about 8 months of ownership...
  5. Changing headlight bulb on 2007-era model

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey all! I had a hard time finding a good video when it came time this week to change one of my Xenon bulbs. So I figured it out and made a video...feel free to view, comment, and share! Found the OEM product on [Sylvania D1S High Intensity Discharge (HID) Bulb, (Pack of 1) - $51...
  6. New to club

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought my first Touareg! So excited! It's an '07 V6 loaded up with every additional feature you could imagine. I've owned VW's my whole life and wouldn't go to anything else. So, my only issue is this stupid towing thing. It has the factory tow package, but I don't think anyone ever used...
  7. For Sale: '07 V10 TDI, AIR SUSP, WARRANTY

    2007 V10 DIESEL, last 5 of VIN - 06226, only VW serviced since new, 69,500 miles, 22 inch OZ Canyon rims with nearly new Yokohama Parada tires, also have stock 18 inch rims with good tires, never any paintwork (not even minor chips), heated seats front and rear, 4 zone heat controls, Monster...
  8. new user w/07 V10 looking for mods

    Touareg Exterior Mods
    hello, I'm new to the site, and indeed new to VW cars, just bought an 07 V10 TDI, and I'm ready to make mine with some mods! what are the best power and off road mods available? I'm looking for rims/AT tires, and engine upgrades(ECU/intake/exhaust) to start. also any other suggestions for...
  9. 2007 touareg v10 7000 km

    Classifieds Archive
    for sale 2007 volkswagen touareg v10 tdi. it has only 4000 miles or 7000km. black on black. the only accesories are parking sensors and air suspensions. no gps, no rear view camera, no towing package. its' nice and simple. it is currently in Montreal Canada. its importerd from the states.
  10. Headlight Question

    General Maintenance & Repair
    So, the drivers side outer most white light has gone out on my 2007 V6. I want to know if there is an easy way to tell what type of light I have before pulling the assembly out?
  11. AUX input/Cross bars for a 2007 Touareg V6???

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I'm looking at two used '07 V6 Touaregs, one with a navigation system one without. Does the navigation system come w/ a AUX connection? I know a standard stereo doesn't. Does anybody have any recommendations for where/which brand is best to install an AUX input without changing the stereo...
  12. 2007 V8 Touareg White/Sienna LOADED

    Classifieds Archive
    I am moving out of the country so I need to sell my 2007 White V8 Touareg. Model Year: 2007 Engine: V8 Mileage: 49,200 (highway mileage) Last 5 VIN: 21025 Location: Atlanta, GA Price: $32,200 This Touareg is totally loaded. It's got Navigation, adjustable air suspension, rear camera, sunroof...
  13. Owners Manual (section 3.1) 2007 V8

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I am missing section 3.1 of the Owner's Manual for a 2007 V8 Touareg. Does anybody know where I can get a copy online or if someone has one that can photocopy it for me, I would be glad to pay. I just don't see the need in me buying a new complete Owner's Manual set.