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18" wheel

  1. Question about wheel offset on a 2009 VW CC

    Auto Anything (Non-Touareg Topics)
    Hoping someone out there has a cc with both the 17 and 18 wheel sets: Looking at picking up a 2009 VW cc. The 41mm offset for the OEM 17" or 18" is the same -- in spite of the 17" being 7.5 inches wide and the 18" being 8 inches wide. So I am wondering if anyone in Touaregville, by chance...
  2. For Sale: OEM (2013) 18" Karakum Rims 7P6 601 025 C

    Asking $1100 No curb rashes or dings on them, absolutely nothing wrong with them other than one small scratch seen in picture attached. - No TPMS, no center caps. - Buyer pays shipping (Located in Tampa, FL) PM for additional details if interested.
  3. different spokes for different folks...

    Off-Roading & Towing
    Will be mounting some winter tires on either the five-spoke or 15 spoke wheels shown. The other set will eventually get some all terrain tires. Wonder if anyone has an opinion as to which use would go better with a particular wheel. These new wheels will be getting 255/60/18 tires. The Manhattan...