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ABS light on from purchase. Replaced: Driver information TFT screen, both mass air flow meters, Crankcase vent valve, repaired misc vacuum leaks, both frt outer door handle cables. Rebuilt: Blower motor, all console switches and controls, all speaker cones rebuilt, replaced shifter assembly. Replaced spark plugs with NGK iridium X10 plugs, Repaired fuel inlet line.
Still have to install both fuel filters, all 4 oxygen sensors, oil pressure sending unit, oil temp/level sensor, 4 wheel brake pads (ceramic front and rear) plus wear sensors, front washer pump.
Also have to repair glove box door, AC has leak behind grill (need to investigate)
2004 Volkswagen Touareg (Silver)


Had to do many repairs on cracked vacuum lines and dry rotted electrical connectors. The tape wrap after cleaning surfaces and then cover with liquid tape does the trick! much easier and less costly then replacing wire harnesses and the vacuum tube nightmare!
Just replaced the Canister vent valve and both mass air flow meters.
I have lots more detailed pictures for anyone interested in repair process.



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