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So the perfect car for us having 2 kids and a powerchair user appeared to be this touareg. currently use the Leon on the left but every time we want to go out we require a trailer and depending on what we are doing and which wheelchair we need a set of big ramps in the boot!

you know those days where you just browse through car ads? well, this turns up for CHEAP had MOT and a few described issues and is just over 2 hours drive away. so I get there and yes as he said the selector was dodgy, slight oil leak was a bit more that MY slight, the wheel bearing noise was accompanied with center bearing support noise and the passenger door latch was done for. as was the thermostat. and the parking break mech. and the pass window regulator.

Must have been crazy but had an amazing 800 miles, achieved 28mpg on the way home and then the MOT ran out and no chance it would pass another. been a while but next month or so should be all working miles better than the last time I drove it.


mostly LED's inside, mostly to reduce power usage! there's so many bulbs in this thing


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