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-W/ Tech
-My second VW and couldn鈥檛 be more happier
Building a nice VW to explore and camp in 馃彆


-If I win the lottery, I鈥檓 going biturbo
-Yakima Lock N Load Platform
-Weathertech window deflectors and sunshade full vehicle kit
-Upgraded fog lights and light bar for the rack coming soon
-Muffler delete coming soon
-Forge Motorsport lift kit installed
Wheel and Tire
-BFGoodridge A/T KO2 275/65 R18 on 18x8 OEM



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How's the forge motorsport lift kit? I have a black tdi as well and looking to build it up a bit. Has the handling change? MPGs? Any rubbing?

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How's the forge motorsport lift kit? I have a black tdi as well and looking to build it up a bit. Has the handling change? MPGs? Any rubbing?
What鈥檚 up rubybear, congrats on the Touareg, I wish I had a TDI. Soooooo let鈥檚 begin lol I absolutely love the lift kit, but鈥檚 it鈥檚 more of a lvl kit since it kinda raises the front more to minimize the factory rake or stance(in my opinion). I was about to buy a lift kit off eBay(China) but i heard about forge making a kit and had to buy American cuz Merica! The built quality of the kit felt pretty good, some polyurethane composite I鈥檓 guessing but only time will show how long it will hold up. I was disappointed that the kit doesn鈥檛 include instructions and when my mechanic and I called forge for some help they said the reasons for not including instructions was because of liability issues, which I think is total BS, but they were quick to respond with useful information. Side note when I called forge I talked to a head manager and didn鈥檛 like the way he talk down to his mechanic(the gifted person who designed and installed this kit). Also I believe on their website it鈥檚 states the front strut assembly doesn鈥檛 have to be disassembled for installation but that is incorrect FYI. The installation wasn鈥檛 easy, and not having instructions doesn鈥檛 help. The rear strut assembly are definitely harder to install than the front and the the battery for the car is located under the driver seat, like wtf VW lol. You definitely need to be careful and torque everything down to spec and mark every bolt, washer, and nut to show it鈥檚 original orientation to minimize the negative impact it will have on your alignment. An alignment is required after installation! For Handling its really subjective, yes the center of gravity is higher and the rear spring rate is altered but to be honest I really can鈥檛 tell a difference in handling from its stock form besides taking corners a little slower. For MPG it ain鈥檛 great, I鈥檓 kinda lazy and scared to find out what鈥檚 my actual mpg but I feel like the taller tire i installed had the most impact on mpg. For rubbing I was actually slightly rubbing/tapping on plastic without the lift only in reverse at full crank for some reason( thanks to tdimark69 for pointing this out)but I 鈥渉eard鈥 it might be a different story for tdi since I 鈥渉eard鈥 they have a vent going into the wheel well but don鈥檛 quote me. After lifting it though, no rubbing at all. My overall thoughts about the lift/ leveling kit is that there鈥檚 definitely some cons 1)鈥渕ight鈥漺ear down some suspension components faster eg: bearings and rear shocks 2) mpg 3) cornering speed but for me the pros 1) overall look 2) ground clearance 3) Meeting VW fans at gas stations lol easily outweigh the cons but at the end you just have to do what makes happy, even though your wife says cars are stupid.