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Touareg V8
Offroad Gray
The history from the previous owner… this Touareg had the transmission and propeller shaft replaced around 50K miles and the timing belt, water pump, etc. were replaced at 116K miles.

The Touareg has had the following repaired since I have owned it:

1) Replaced the molded vacuum lines in the engine compartment with rubber hose (fuel lines)
2) Un-froze the 2nd & 3rd stage vacuum actuators on the intake manifold. I still need to remove the manifold and completely clean the pivot points. I also replaced both of the plastic actuator arms with arms I made myself out of #9 wire, it seems to work pretty good now.
3) Fixed all four drains for the sun roof. I got wet the first time I took the Touareg through a car wash.
4) Had to drill out the lower oil plug. I actually had to do this twice, now both lower and upper plugs are gold plugs.
5) Replaced the power steering fluid.
6) Fixed a leaking gas cap seal with gasket maker.
7) Discovered that always driving in Sport mode will wear the inside of the tires.
8) Replaced the battery (anybody surprised?)
9) Fixed the airbag connector repair on both front seats. I remove the dealership repair and soldered the wires. This fixed the airbag fault for about 6-months, now I have to look at it again.
10) Blew out a seal on the steering rack while passing traffic on the shoulder, replace it with a rebuilt rack. Also replaced both outer tie rod ends.
11) Repaired the Propeller Shaft (drive shaft) center bearing support using the rubber hose and tie wrap method (10K miles so far). Cleaned out and repacked grease in the front and rear CV joints while I had the drive shaft out. (I picked up two of the “Viagra” kits recently while in Germany, so I have them if I need them)
12) Replaced front upper and lower control arms (left and right sides).
13) Found a leaking outer boot on the right front driveshaft. Cleaned and repacked both CV joints, new boots and clamps.
14) Front Diff was making noise, changed the oil and found lots of metal flakes. Removed a front diff from a salvage car, replaced the carrier bearings and swapped it onto the Touareg. Nice and quiet now.
15) Also changed the oil in the rear diff, which was dark, but metal free. I would like to replace it with a locker, but that is a project if I happen to stumble onto the right salvage yard car with the rear locker.
16) Installed OEM Hitch/Receiver and TCM. This came from a salvaged car as well.
2004 Volkswagen Touareg V8


Tires (265/65 R18) Wrangler Duratrac with VW Manhattan Rims



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