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  1. WTB: 2014-2016 Touareg TDI

    I know what you mean by "wildly fluctuates". For the vehicles I was looking at (purchase parameters above) I was seeing prices as high as $52,000 with under 10,000 miles. Even in my market range of 20,000 to 30,000 miles I was seeing $48,000+. I did not want to pay a huge premium, I was hoping...
  2. Autohold retrofit

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Part number 7P1-927-225-C-ZJU is WHITE and it works just fine in my 2016. It is available from multiple US retailers-
  3. Autohold retrofit

    General Maintenance & Repair
    If I wasn't clear earlier, the one with C in the part number was definitely white and matched the 2016 backlighting scheme perfectly. The part fits, the harness plug matches- it's the part you need.
  4. Autohold retrofit

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I got mine from Volkswagen Parts Delivered- Shop OEM Volkswagen Parts and Accessories | Volkswagen Parts Delivered Price was good, shipping was honest (total $71.32). Mine was inside plastic, inside the box. No way the part could rub against the inner surfaces of the box. In perfect new condition.
  5. WTB- 2016 Lux door panels

    If anyone ends up with an insurance loss, I am looking for both a front driver's side and passenger side door panel. 2016 Lux, Terracotta color. Need everything- prior owner's dog chewed up the tops of the door panels, put holes in the speaker grills and there are tooth marks in the aluminum...
  6. WTB: 2014-2016 Touareg TDI

    I perused Autotrader and for 2 months to find my 16 Lux. I got very lucky to find one only 200 miles away. You will need to check the listings at least twice a day, narrowed down to the specs you want (I wanted under 30,000 miles, Lux, black or terracotta leather, vented seats and no...
  7. 2017 Sport w/Tech Engine Ingested Water

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    I got my 2016 Lux TDI in August, the dealer had installed a new air filter (20K mile service). Pulled it out today, 6,400 miles later and the filter looks brand new. Well, except it's dusty on the foam side. No sign of any water inside the housing, nothing in the tube and no water in the pipe...
  8. Recall notice- Service Action 23AK

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    For 2013-2016 TDIs. Got this letter in the mail today saying they want to do a "software calibration update" to the OBD and emissions control software. Anyone had this done yet? One thing mentioned in the letter is that "it will reduce the likelihood of experiencing an engine shudder that may...
  9. Long code error

    I just got my cable and software sorted out. Was able to run diagnostics no problem, no errors. Then went to change a setting in the Transmission. 02-Auto Trans – Enable Gear Display [Coding - 07] -> Long Coding Helper -> Byte 1 Change Byte 1 from 00000010 to 00000101 (Hex 02 to 05) Original...
  10. Autohold retrofit

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Took my 2016 TDI to the dealer for some warranty work and had them code the Auto Hold button for me. Apart from a comment on the work order that it "may void warranty and cause other unexpected system malfunctions" there were no problems. Tech noted "Changed byte 16 of abs control coding from 72...
  11. Quickjack work with Touareg?

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I have the 5000SLX. I know it does not reach between the official lift points, but there are plenty of frame members that can support the vehicle. Used it to remove and re-mount the wheels. If I was going to crawl around under the vehicle I would add jackstands to the mix (belt and suspenders)...
  12. Lugging engine on starting

    General Maintenance & Repair
    So yesterday I had parallel parked my 2016 Touareg TDI and went in for an appointment. I curbed my wheels with wheels pointed away from the curb. They were turned pretty far, but not to the maximum angle. When I returned and hit the starter the engine was having a difficult time- not smooth at...
  13. Low Washer fluid icon

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Is it just me or does VW really hide the odometer when you have low washer fluid (and low fuel too as I discovered)? I just find it weird that the icons for these appear where the vehicle odometer is, so now I do not see the mileage until the issue is dealt with. In the summer I can go a month...
  14. Vredestein Quatrac 5 mini review

    Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    So I purchased 4 of the Vredestein Quatrac 5 XL 265/50R-19 tires from Tire Rack in September and had them installed on my 2016 T'reg Sep. 17th. Sidewall dating indicated the tires were manufactured in June. After 2.5 months and 3,400 miles (including a 1,200 mile road-trip over Thanksgiving)...
  15. 2016 Touareg windshield pillar trim removal

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I searched for a way to get the pillar trim off, I found descriptions and YouTube videos for removing the earlier style trim (where there is a screw under the Airbag label) but on my 2016 the top of the trim piece is no longer held by a screw. It looks like a plastic clip anchor, but with a one...
  16. What exactly is covered under the dieselgate warranty

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Deleted- double post!
  17. What exactly is covered under the dieselgate warranty

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Gotta love a nice long powertrain warranty! That's about 25% of my purchase decision process right there when I started looking for a TDI in July. Got mine with 15 months remaining on the bumper-to-bumper, 2 more years of Certified Pre-owned and my emissions and powertrain are covered until...
  18. What exactly is covered under the dieselgate warranty

    General Maintenance & Repair
    The 10 year powertrain warranty only started for 2011 models and newer... sorry.
  19. What exactly is covered under the dieselgate warranty

    General Maintenance & Repair
    No mumbo jumbo- the oil pan gasket and the EGR leaking coolant are both covered. Now why go to an independent shop for that?
  20. Executive model dispute

    Drivers Lounge
    You say "confirmed with VIN", but why didn't you check the window sticker? That would have said "Lux" on it. Even if they didn't have the original window sticker the dealership should have reproduced it from VAG NA and given you a copy. If you paid a significant premium for what you thought was...
1-20 of 84 Results