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  • New2Tregs ·
    Thanks for responding to my question. Like I mentioned I was contemplating getting an ECU tune. Most I see need the ECU to be sent in. That leaves me withoutmy Treg. If you know someone that would be cool. Let me know the details.
    goroto ·
    Dear Joe,

    I have Touareg 30tdi CVVA engine late 2014 MY.I'm from Bulgaria,Europe.My TCM is 0C8927755C.For my TCM four versions are available from VW flashdaten.I have programmed latest (3564),but I was not happy.I've downgraded TCM to 2881 now with ODIS.I'm not exactly sure what your service is offering.Only downgrade or downgrade with tunning of gearbox? What is the price for your service? I live in Europe and I guess it's very expensive sending module to US and back.Can you do it remotely if I connect you to the car via ODIS Engineering?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
    [email protected] ·
    Looking to get access to North American Map updates and instructions for my 2012 Touareg. My RNS80 says it's version VW with MU Software: 0319. I believe that means I need a firmware update as well.


    samjepperson ·
    yrktreg, I am new on the site, but I need your help. I had the update done and hate the way my transmission works now on my 2014 Audi Q7. Can you please send me your email address with your info to get in line for the TCM fix.

    [email protected] ·
    Hello yrkteg,
    I have a 2014 Fixed Cayenne 3.0 Diesel. What is the best way to get a TCM tune on this vehicle. I do have a malone flashzilla v3 if that helps at all?

    Arun John Masih ·
    Hi, Thanks for the PM. I have having trouble sending you PM. So I just installed the K0711 update yesterday. Do you still say that I redo it with your files. Also, the amount you've messaged me about, it's for the maps and updates ? or just the updates ? .. or just the maps ?
    Arun John Masih ·
    Hi, I have a 2011 VW Touareg with RNS850. My firmware is K0711 and the MU software is 0706. I have older version of maps and want to update maps. Do you have the updated maps and how much would it cost me.
    lyh912 ·
    Hey yrktreg, I'd like to update the map. Can you send me the information and how I pay you? my car is 2016 touareg v6 3.6L.

    Thank you,


    media version:


    Navigation database version:

    7P6060884D NAR 6.13.2
    LockBrett ·

    Can you contact me regarding software updates? I saw your post on V711 and having a hard time sending PM's. [email protected]

    There is another post from a member with the same PM issues since we are both newb's to the site.

    Thank you Brett
    TurdBurgler ·
    So, even after 70 miles, after running VCDS, all those codes showed up, but no lights on the dash. Enlighten me to what I am missing as I did run diagnostics with the ignition on and the engine not running? I also ran it with the engine running, no difference on the scan?
    dabson ·
    Hi yrktreg,

    It's been many months since I successfully updated the maps on my Touareg using your update. Late last June, actually! I've been digging around, making some adjustments to the vehicle and now find that the error codes from the map update are bothering me a bit. Would you be able to help me remove them? I have an ODBEleven, hopefully that'll do the trick.

    Thanks (yet) again!
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