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  • Patron Silver ·
    Hey there: Noticed you have the fender flares.
    I just got a ding right in the crease of my driver side rear fender and am thinking this may be a good way to remedy without needing to paint..What do you think of yours? Also, do you have Alaska Grey with Black Fender Flares?? Either way-you did a really nice job with your treg. Congrats!
    lpm61lpm ·
    I see in the picture from you and the white jeep you were missing the clip for the head light little square cover. I am missing one too did you ever find a place to get a new one???
    OldVWer ·
    Tell me about exhaust systems? My 04 V8 sounds pretty good but could breath better I think.. Also, what is your roof rack setup? Did you put a rack on then the box or just box on existing rack?
    What else was good and worth doing?
    I put the 'super booster' on mine; makes it jerky but FEELS fast.
    Not sure it is!

    David in Santa Fe
    cool-mom ·
    I went camping last year to Gold Basin with my 2 kids and could not fit all my gear! I had to rely on friends truck to haul the excess. Do you know of any good roof storage? (Maybe I'm packing too much.)
    Do you have standard wheels? One of the service writers at Pignataro has 22's on hers. I'm thinking of 20's for wheels on mine next year but I don't want to ruin the ride. Plus, the Corvette needs exhaust this year! Cha-ching...
    I've seen a dark gray Touareg around a few times now near the LS Target....
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